A Stronger Version

In October of 2015 at 45 years old, I started exploring the world of serious strength training after years of either just exercising or training endurance.  Along the way, I’ve been learning a lot about lifting heavy stuff, myths and stereotypes about women and strength, my beliefs about myself, and my faith.  If you’re curious about pure strength training, if you’re looking for some practical fitness and life information, if you’ve ever felt like less than enough, if you’re looking for a different connection to your faith, there’s something here for you.  “Getting Inspired” is my story of training pure strength, but it is also the story of facing some of my long held ideas about myself.  “Getting Practical” addresses some of the issues that concern athletes, women in particular, and some of the life lessons that strength training offers beyond the weight room.  “Getting Connected” is a place to share stories of strength, both in the weight room and in life.  “Keeping Faith” is the underlying story of how training strength also helped me deepen my faith life.  Whether you exercise, train, or neither, I hope you find a community of encouragement and strength here.